Tuesday, August 19, 2014

(Review) TV Series Vampire Diaries vs The Originals


I have finished all seasons of Vampire Diaries and yeah, not to forget The Originals. I can say that every seasons of Vampire Diaries is quite okay, but when it comes to The Originals, I was crying for few scenes. Obviously, I do like the character of Klaus Mikaelson, where, he looks sincere when it comes about feeling. He showed his love towards Rebekah Mikaelson, when he knew that Rebekah planned to call upon their dad, Mikael to come to New Orleans in 1919 and kill Klaus.

The bond among siblings were strong, this is the best TV Series I've ever watched. You guys can also see how Elijah Mikaelson protect his sister from Klaus, and stick to their promise, "Always and Forever", in order to stay as Family, to live as family, and never give up on his brother, Klaus. Til the end.

Can't wait for the Season 2.


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