Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A moment.


I have a great moment yesterday. It was our monthsary, yang we'ols selalu celebrate together. It just Fero taught me to celebrate every months. Not me. I do miss him. So I text him, likely :

Me : 
Hubby sayang, bila nak balik. I miss you.

Love :
Dah sampai rumah, kejap tau.

Me : 
Okay, I'm crying. I miss you.

30 minutes later, he called. (Yay for that, am quite happy)

So lepas aku menangis like teruk gila, (Hormones) , I heard his voice. Aku dengar suara dia pun aku dah melted. He talked so softly and try to cheer me up. 

Me : I miss you. Uwaaaaa. (Crying baby)

Love : Sabar, lagi 12 hari kita jumpa.

Me : Eh, baby, you count? You did kira our days to meet ? Oh my!. You so good and perfect sayang.

Love : Of course la. (He laugh, like a lot)

Argh. Rindunya aku. Tak sabar nak jumpa you.