Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday #2

Assalamualaikum, and hello everyone.

Today, si dia text and told me that dia won the best outfit for their night! Hehe. Congrats hubby. :) He went for a snorkeling, jalan-jalan, BBQ night, I bet dia pasti have fun all the time. Yaaa, for sure. While here I am, stuck at home, it was bored after all. Doing nothing much. But it was so fine. Without him, I still can have a good weekend, by watching Adam & Hawa, Brave. 

Yaaa, I’m enjoying my Saturday pretty much.
Having lunch with Keknis, Nescafe during evening, while crying over Adam & Hawa drama tv series, and Brave cartoon. Yuuu. T-T

By reading others female blog made my mind to settle down, get married, having babies. Fantastic! How lucky they’re, get married earlier than me, derrr. I miss him, I miss to have a nice conversation with him. He is such a good entertainer for me. Yay for that. And I miss him to wash my clothes. Yeehahaha! *gigle*

Hubby, if you read this !


Elle Nyna.