Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm looking for a place to do my internship

16 March 2012

Hello people, and salam.

Hi my name is Amalina, and I am looking for a place to do my internship. 
I am pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) International Business, at UiTM Puncak Alam and currently I am in Semester 5. 

My internship would be for 5 months (20 weeks, max and minimum 18 weeks). I need to locate my trainee place before May, since my internship will be started by 6th of August 2012 - 14th of December 2012.

I have deep interest in : International Business, Creativity, Publishing, Editing, Designing and Branding. 
I am proficient in all types of Microsoft Offices.
I love to work like 24/7 in front of the PC/ laptop. I am a workaholic, (but of course only if the work is my passion) LOL !
Since I was in civil engineering field before this, I think International Business is quite challenging for me. I need to expand my knowledge, make it varied since I am a person who love to explore something new.

My ambition is to be the Senior Editor for E L L E magazine. Is that challenging enough ? :)

I am seriously in love with editing, and I think one day, I will make a business regarding EDITING whatsoever.

I want to do an internship, not to find new relationship, since I already have a boyfriend.

Okay, bye.

Thank you for reading.

Hai. Hari ini saya masak, boyfriend saya puji saya masak sedap. Since boyfriend saya susah nak puji orang, termasuk girlfriend dia sendiri, tapi saya rasa dihargai. Ehem, thank you so much sebab cakap sedap. I love you !

Elle Nyna.