Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday once again. :)


Thank you so much for the birthday surprise baby!

And I LOVE YOU too :)

Aku tak boleh imagine nervous nya aku bila someone special make it look so perfect and surprise for my belated birthday. *Dang!*

I love you. Birthday paling best sepanjang 24 tahun aku hidup. Thanks for make it so special. I appreciate it.

Paling awesome sebab, at that moment, I was at the kitchen helping my mama to wash those dishes, and then suddenly he appeared with my sisters, sambil bawa kek, and ada lilin - 24th, he sang a birthday song for me. Sungguh terharu sangat, plus terkejut. I tak sangka this kind of surprise. Ye lah, dah bulan Mac. My birthday kan 14 February. SO, I tak pernah jangkakan sampai begini sekali surprise dia. Apapun, I salute my boyfriend sebab berjaya buat I rasa HE IS ONE OF MY KIND. HE deserved to be my boyfriend. Because he's so sweet. Tehehe. And then dia ke kereta sekali lagi. I thought tiada surprise dah. Dia datang bawa red teddy bear. *Wink*

A D O R A B L E.

Always Love You, F.

Elle Nyna.