Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spiderweb in my blog.

Tehehe. Sorry, I am totally missing my blog and I am so freaking out to wait for my next post. Ceh. -__-" Pathetic sungguh. Alhamdulillah, semuanya berjalan lancar. AND you know what ? I have finished my Managerial Economics's paper today. Well, it was okay. I don't expect too much, and being too hopeful. All I can do right now is pray hard and accept no-matter-what the result will come out. 

I ended up my paper at 12 noon, went to ATM Machine, and then, I arrived Ipoh at 3 pm. It seems like Celcom once again made my day tremendously boring. I cannot call him, and he cannot reached me, OMG. He is worried that something happened to me. So he tried to call me at Maxis. 

All I can do right now is smile. A smile than can everlasting into someone's heart. 

Oh by the way, to those whoever have intentionally scratch my car ;

Thank you so much. Siap 303 + p w r semua contengan itu memang terbaik. Semoga Allah s.w.t membalas jasa kalian yang memang terbaik ini lah. ;)