Monday, February 15, 2010

Again, happy birthday ELLENYNA !

Yes, I have an awesome party ! I don't mind sharing my photos during the party for you, dear bloggers. :)

Yes, I do love and enjoy the party very much! But a bit tired because I have to lift all tables and foods outside, and then when the party was over, Alia Ayie and I have to tidy those rubbish. Heh. But, I received a lots of gift. I LIKE. Thanks to all ! ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I hate Valentine, but I love my birthday !

Tomorrow is my birthday, 14 February 2010, and mother will make a simple party for me, and I have invite my friends that closed to me. :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yes, I'm not perfect ; my broken english language.

It's good to have a lecturer who can check our grammar. Thanks Madam, I love you and English. Even you scolded me, my passion in English will never change ;)

She likes it ^____^

Alhamdulillah, she likes my beautiful penmanship. :’) Yes, I’ve got back my essay during my BEL 402 class, I came late to the class, and Madam said I am late, I answered her question wrongly even though I know what the Question is all about. Describe A Bag, and I answered, enthusiasm / passion ( Well, I thought her Questions about ADJECTIVE ) She mad at me, and asked me whether I know the Quest. ? Yes, I know, describe a bag. I answered again, yes try and try, weird / bizarre bag ? She said, oh she is a weird girl. OMG. Is it ? HAHA. It was hilarious for a moment I answered WEIRD thingy. It’s okay as long as my essay won’t have many errors. Too bad, I am so tired today. HAHA, everyone is tired right ? Especially when they have too many classes to attend everyday. Well, that a common job for student like us. If you’re not attending the class, you going to be strangled by Madam Helen. I notice one thing about her, every time I attend BEL 402 class, Madam use the word ‘strangle’. :D

Burpp, sorry. Just finished my chocolate bun and Dutch Lady Coffee Milk.

Life in College was amazing, having beautiful friends, beautiful soul and beautiful language. Yes, it was cool you know. I have perfect roommate, when I have my class till 6pm, she usually bought foods for me, oh I love her freaking badly yeah. Shh ! She was here, she following my blog and I know she read it, though she said ‘geli-to-read-my-blog’. Hihi. She was a fanatic fan of cat, and she loves them very much! She even willing to get back to her residence, visit her cute cat! And I envy her so much because I miss my cat too. T-T Acut, Didi and April. I am going to blog and keep it as a draft, later publish it, because I don’t have internet fully, as you know, I have to buy a broadband in order to get through my blog.

Well, my roommate = me = are the same, we’re anti-talking to stranger. HAHA. That does not mean we are anti social or arrogant, but we really in love by talking with someone who are closed to us. Yes, I really love her. :) She was amazing a good and perfect listener, even I cried because of my bra was lost, someone taking it in the college, she ask why, and she made me smile again. Well, that’s what friends are for ! And now, I realize how grateful I am, once I live in college. I get-to-know new girlfriends, yes, they are beautiful. Do you want me to mention their name ? Soon, ;)

Oh why I start to blog in English ? It is because, everyday I heard lecturer talked in English. I am not surprised, yet, I am cool here, I can communicate with International Students in English, at least I have someone to talk in English with. Yes, it is quite difficult for me, when I surrounded by Malay-students, and perhaps, we still using our mother tongue when we’re in one community! That’s good, but how we want to make ourselves fluently speaking without felt weird, scared to make mistakes, scared people will laughing at us, yes, I do afraid to make mistakes, but I avoid the recurrence! and YES I do learn from my mistakes.