Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's too late to say you love me

I am sorry for my previous entry was in English. You know how much I deeply in love with English right ? :) But simply, I won't write fully English at all because I know, the readers would be my colony too :) Yes, back to my main entry.


I have many times facing this situation. I don't deserve your love neither she with such behavior. I love you but then you made me disappointed on you. When I nearly fall for you, you left me without saying anything. How could you ? I accidentally fall in love with you, but you chose her, the one who I didn't know her existence during our relationship. I never said I couldn't accept you, I try to love you, but why you made me like this ? ENTER.
Now, I accept that you love her very much better than me that reject you. And after all, I am happy with him, but why now you try to say that you want me back so badly ? HAHA funny isn't it ? You should know that at this point, my answer was 'NO'. What's on earth you want me back ? To play my heart again ?
By the way, that's only my situation and I've just written it as my heart-to-heart to show how people can play your heart. Not to say, they play like easy mazy using guitar to make you smile, or sad. To me, its enough facing this situation for three times. Its too late by the way. :) I am not a type of girl who let people harm me, yet being a nerdy and loyal to stick with you.