Saturday, November 7, 2009

Online Grammar Check

Baiklah, untuk adik-adik, tuan dan puan sekalian, I ini manusia biasa yang lemah dalam berkata-kata terutama dalam bahasa asing ini. Ya, bukan ingin jadi makhluk asing ye. Justeru, I hendak mudahkan mereka yang malas mahu check grammar atau malu-malu kucing hendak bertanya pada cikgu apa jawapan dia, ingin I perkenalkan di sini website pagi subuh tadi I jumpa. HAHA. :) FUN FUN FUN

Dear Sir/Madam,

Should I say I promote this ? No, let me introduce you to this website, which made my life easier. I can correct my spelling and grammar through this website. So, let's check it out !


Thursday, November 5, 2009

What do you think of 'beauty' ?

Cantik ? Hodoh ? Buruk ? Indah ? Menawan ? Comel ?

Damn ! Banyak sangat istilah cantik dan menawan di minda I.


Adakah dari hati yang cantik, budi pekerti yang mulia lahirlah insan yang cantik dan indah ? Bagaimana persepsi umum mengenai kecantikan ? Adakalanya lelaki apabila bersahabat dan juga adakala golongan wanita juga begitu memilih soal paras rupa ? Adakah golongan yang berisi dan berbadan besar or I can say plus size model tidak cantik ? Adakah golongan yang lebih slim dan mantap pula dipilih ? HAHA. Terlalu abstrak bagi I, tetapi I simply said, dari hati dan akhlak yang indah lahirlah peribadi dan rupa yang menawan mata seseorang. :) Jadi bagaimana dengan anda ? Perlukah kita memilih sahabat berdasarkan paras rupa ?

Like I said once in my life, ada juga yang mewujudkan 'team' ataupun 'kroni' yang tersendiri, ala-ala GOSSIP GIRLS gitu. You were in if you completed this task, you were out if you wear like this. FINE, bagaimana pula golongan lelaki memilih girlfriend ? HEHE :D

Oh dia susukan monkey ? LIHAT.

Jadi 'teman lelaki' di WWE.

Beautiful Girls with variety looks. PULL STOP.

THE AUTHOR : Always being grateful.

Guys selalu cakap bila nampak girls lalu in front of them :

I love hot girls

I love beautiful girls, they're hot

I love their body, hand, lips bla bla bla.
baguslah mereka tahu menghargai yang 'cantik' sahaja. cantik ? Apa yang cantik ? 

Credits For Images : GOOGLE.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's too late to say you love me

I am sorry for my previous entry was in English. You know how much I deeply in love with English right ? :) But simply, I won't write fully English at all because I know, the readers would be my colony too :) Yes, back to my main entry.


I have many times facing this situation. I don't deserve your love neither she with such behavior. I love you but then you made me disappointed on you. When I nearly fall for you, you left me without saying anything. How could you ? I accidentally fall in love with you, but you chose her, the one who I didn't know her existence during our relationship. I never said I couldn't accept you, I try to love you, but why you made me like this ? ENTER.
Now, I accept that you love her very much better than me that reject you. And after all, I am happy with him, but why now you try to say that you want me back so badly ? HAHA funny isn't it ? You should know that at this point, my answer was 'NO'. What's on earth you want me back ? To play my heart again ?
By the way, that's only my situation and I've just written it as my heart-to-heart to show how people can play your heart. Not to say, they play like easy mazy using guitar to make you smile, or sad. To me, its enough facing this situation for three times. Its too late by the way. :) I am not a type of girl who let people harm me, yet being a nerdy and loyal to stick with you.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Working ? Maybe yes, maybe not.

I am not a workaholic for the time being, but I am a workaholic in the future, I can focus 101 % til I have headache then, I need 2-3 days on leave. Frankly speaking, I don't have enough experience in Civil Engineering field, but to be in there made me nervous and scared me to the fullest. YES, I can't meet tight deadline and pretend myself independent. I have to depends on others to ask, but they keep torturing me and saying heartless words. STUPID ! IDIOT ! or others word that similar to it will harm me. I have my industrial training for six months that was too long for me. I am working as an idiot, yes, I gained many experiences, but I am tired working til 9pm 2-3 times per week with allowances RM150 per month. Is that enough when at that time we having crisis 'fuel increased' ? YES, I still remembered RM2.70 per litre. OH OH, I am a student feel sick to go to the office everyday !  I am kinda PHOBIA to work, thought it was such a nightmare for me working with private company. My uncle always keep asking why I don't go to work, finding job ? And I said, I JUST DON'T WANT, besides I am not too desperate looking for a job. Yes, I admit in my sector need more experiences in order to be success in the future. But, I admit, I really don't want to work in this field ! YOU must feel weird why I choose Civil Engineering ? Well, I just want to learn  and gain more knowledge in this field. Its normal right ? Learn new things, but you work on other than that you've learned. I keep wondering what is my job in the future, then I close my eyes, and silent. Shh! Keep thinking deeply do, but I still can't find something that heal my phobia. I guess, men should and must have job to gain experiences because soon, they have their own life, manage to buy anything, and comfortable with what they have, finally, get married. They look independent to me, but if they're not working, they look awful. I try to be independent, but I can't stand with people who are BOSSY you know ? By the way, working ? maybe yes, maybe not ! I have to think for many times. HAHA.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my font change ; vista SP1

I am using windows vista home basic SP1
I was using my pc for some works when my system font suddenly became bold, even msn messenger, etc.
Please help. I will appreciate it.

Configuration: Windows Vista
Firefox 3.5.2

I encountered this problem exactly like this before. The solution is very simple.

  • Start
  • Run
  • type this / copy this to the run c:\windows\fonts
  • then, tekan Alt + F ( you akan Install new Font ) or in English you will install new font, click on that.
  • then you have to fint c:\windows\fonts
  • Select All
  • and finally,
  • click yes, to replace all the font that have been installed already
  • to make you easy, All + Y can help you.


Please drop some comments if the things can't help you. bye bye.



Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day


selamat hari bapa!